Anabolic Steroid Drugs Superdrol

Superdrol is an anabolic steroid that had wide popularity for several years, and it was widely available as an over the counter supplement. In that respect, it has a unique history, in that it was an anabolic steroid, but no one seemed to every place it on a list that made it available by prescription only. It stayed that way for years. Find out more at

It made it big until about 2006. It had been easy to find, but it was withdrawn from the market because of the great steroid scare in the United States. It was discontinued, and in 2012 it was eventually placed on Schedule III, meaning it was a controlled substance.

But alas! You can find Superdrol for sale online, and you can buy Superdrol when you search for it online. It is not hiding. Look at it in the right places.

Other chemicals are still for sale, that is the same thing as this steroid. By calling it by a different name, the drug passes muster because of the biochemistry behind the steroid.

Superdrol is not a remarkable steroid in itself. It is the strange history behind this steroid that makes it interesting. It enjoyed years of legal use without anyone even taking notice. It was as if the steroid were invisible to the people who wanted to stop the use of steroids.

This steroid enhances protein synthesis, meaning it makes the body produce proteins. Then the steroid provides nitrogen retention, one of the things that the muscle needs to grow.

The other major component of muscle growth is oxygen delivered by red blood cells, and that is what this steroid helps produce --- red blood cells. So with protein, nitrogen, and oxygen present, the muscle grows quite nicely.

Also used as a cutting steroid, this anabolic steroid hormone is excellent for weight loss, as it burns fat thermochemically. It is also used for performance enhancement by athletes from almost all sports. Prizefighters and wrestlers especially seem to prefer it for some reason.

The side effects are not very remarkable. It will not cause water retention or gynecomastia, the formation of female breasts. However, in women, this steroid might cause a deepening of the voice and growth of body hair. It will also cause enlargement of the clitoris. There is no known way to deal with these side effects, so the recommendation is to ask women to take a different steroid such as Anavar.

Blood pressure and cholesterol are of prime concern with this steroids. If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, do not take this steroid.

Acne and baldness can be dealt with by the cessation of the steroid.